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Camera control is implemented in Astroart as plug-ins. This allows us to support new models very quickly.

This also allows Astroart users to upgrade their cameras without upgrading the software. Custom cameras can be controlled with the SDK.


Research can be done automatically with the integrated BASIC script engine, very easy to learn. Everything can be controlled: focuser, dome, weather station, etc.

This also allows to analyze or process images just when they are downloaded from the camera. See several examples at: selected content.

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Sequences can be easily setup. Autofocus, autoguide and plate solving work in tight integration.

For research, sequences can be easly transformed to scripts, to add any kind of extra task.


In Astroart the integration between image analysis and observatory control provides greater reliability for your sessions.

Reliability is the main factor in saving observation time.


Single star autoguide on a subframe, and multi star autoguide on full frames, using PSNR for maximum reliability.

The guide algorithm is also adaptive so that variation of conditions are compensated in real time by the software. Autoguide on slit for spectrums.


Single star focusing on a subframe, and multi star focusing on full frames, using innovative metrics, also for spectrums.

The "V-Curve" uses an iterative algorithm which is extremely precise and tolerant to noise. Try it with the demo version.

Instant plate solving

Once properly configured, the plate solving engine of Astroart takes less the one second on a common laptop PC.

This allows to plate solve automatically all images downloaded from the camera and to center the telescope with a single mouse click.


Mosaics can be acquired automatically using built-in scripts or planned from the star atlas.
demosaic  demosaic
When processing, the live preview makes easy to tune the brightness of every frame and to fade the overapped region.