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Feel free to contact us about Astroart 8:

E-Mail:  (recommended).

New forum: The previous forum was available at: YahooGroups.

Facebook page: AstroartSoftware.

If you prefer to contact directly an Astroart author use the email addresses below, your questions are welcomed.

Electronic engineer, amateur astronomer at the Observatory of Bastia (MPC 197), former lecturer at the planetarium of Ravenna. Email:

Nuclear engineer, former amateur astronomer at the Observatory of Cavezzo (MPC 107) where he discovered five minor planets, author of many articles and a book about CCD astronomy. For these efforts the asteroid 15386 was named after him.



Astroart 8 includes two years of technical support. If your question is about a specific image processing, feel free to attach the image, in FITS format if possible.