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Latest updates

Jul 31, 2023
Plugin for StarNet 2.0
Star removal using artificial intelligence.

July 2, 2023
Camera plugins
Updated plugin for ASCOM cameras.

June 10, 2023
New portuguese translation.

May 14, 2023
Astroart 8 Service Pack 4
New minor version of Astroart 8.

April 29, 2023
Camera plugins
Updated plugin for Starlight-Xpress cameras.

January 3, 2023
Astroart 8 Service Pack 3
New minor version of Astroart 8.

November 14, 2022
Camera plugins
64 bit plugin for Starlight-Xpress cameras.

July 31, 2022
DSLR control
Updated plugin for Canon and Nikon cameras.


Astroart 8 is an all-inclusive software for image processing, image analysis, astrometry, photometry, camera and telescope control.


Hundreds of images can be aligned and stacked quickly thanks to optimized SIMD code. Algorithms for stars, minor planets and spectrums.


Astrometry and photometry

Astroart is used for science and education in several universities thanks to its friendly license. Several papers and discoveries have been made with it.


All major cameras and telescopes are supported for astrophotography and research. Observatory automation can be done with simple scripts.


Image processing

Manual and course

Image analysis

New features of Astroart 8